About Us

Humble beginnings

The Bonchaz Team In the summer of 2009, Bonchaz was a just little stall at the vibrant local Vancouver Farmers Markets. We sold a single product, the Bonchaz bun. You may know it as our signature product, the Original Bonchaz; a sweet-dough bun with a butter and sugar filling, topped with a thin crust of cookie dough. Or maybe you know it as the eccentric hybrid of the Mexican concha and the French brioche. To the founder Michael Lui however, it is more than a bun. The Bonchaz represents a dream to reinvent the familiar, and to push the boundaries of traditional food-service culture.

Fast forward to 2018

After waving goodbye to our early mornings at the farmers' markets and opening two retail cafés, we realized we didn’t really want to be yet another retail chain. Our new family of over 30 staff has refocused our attention to our Business Casual Catering and Restaurant Wholesale, supplying many Vancouver offices and local restaurants large and small.

Despite our changing focus, our core values have always remained the same:


Menus are straightforward and invoices are easy to understand. No complicated ingredients, and no hidden fees. We don't do fancy. We keep it simple!

For Everybody

Our menus are simple -- not limited! Your team's diverse dietary preference is no chore for us. Vegan, gluten-free, or otherwise, we won't leave anybody out!

Great People

We treat our employees like a big family and offer every member the opportunity to find their niche, not only to survive another day, but to help us grow.